Honorary Members

Honorary Memberships are awarded in recognition of either exceptional sporting achievement or services to the Club and is the highest accolade the Club can award.

Our congratulations and thanks go to the following members.

Sir Ben AinslieSporting achievement
Mr Jason BelbenSporting achievement
Miss Dee CaffariSporting achievement
Mrs Grace ClarkServices to the Club
Mrs Penny ClarkSporting achievement
Mr John DonnellyServices to the Club
Mr Chris DraperSporting achievement
Mr Nick HarrisonServices to the Club
Mr Andrew HemmingsSporting achievement
Mrs Joan LaneServices to the Club
Mr Iain PercySporting achievement
Mrs Rosemary SkipperServices to the Club
Mr Alex ThomsonSporting achievement
Ms Debbie WoodServices to the Club
Mr Ian BugdenServices to the Club
Mrs Lorraine BugdenServices to the Club
Chris Draper
Dee Caffari