Club Duties

As a Members Club, all members are required to contribute to the running of the Club by either completing duties or paying a surcharge to be relieved of duties.

Members are required to carry out four duties in any one membership year.  These duties are assigned by the Management Committee via the Club Administrator and, where possible, are assigned according to experience and members preferences.

Duties are available in the following catagories.


Two or three members are required on the Bridge on top of the Clubhouse during Club racing to oversee the race.  The appointed Race Officer will usually have previous experience of race management and other Bridge duties will include the recording of results, raising and lowering the various start sequence flags and operating the sound signals.  Prior experience is not normally necessary for these roles and the Race Officer should be able to instruct you on the day.

Patrol Boat

Tractor and RIB Operating Guidelines

During Club racing, there is always a safety RIB on the water to assist in the running of the race.  The RIB needs to be manned by two people, one of whom should have some previous experience of this duty.  Duties may involve laying and retrieving racing marks or offering assistance to members experiencing problems.


Ideally suited to members living close to the Club, this duty involves locking the Club and gates at night for a week at a time before passing the keys on to the next duty member.  Typically this duty needs to be completed every six weeks but is dependant on the number of people on the security rota.

Open Meeting

The Club typically runs six open meetings through the year which require safety RIB drivers and crews, beach parties to help with trolleys, race teams (similar to a Bridge duty) on a committee boat and car park attendants. Open meeting duties generally last for a complete day and count for two duties.


Dutyman is an online roster programme that we have adopted to give greater visibility and planning for you the members and gives you the ability to view your duties and if required swap with other members.

If you are eligible for Club duties, you should have received your user name and password by email – you will need this to use the system.

If you are missing this log-in information, please contact the Club Administrator as soon as possible.

A helpful tutorial on how DutyMan works!