This Weekend: Catamaran Open!

The first boats are already starting to arrive, so it looks like being a big event and Stokes Bay Sailing Club are looking forward to hosting a great event!

To make everything run smoothly, please follow the following instructions for boat and trailer storage and rigging etc.

At the club gate, unhitch the trailer and pull the trailer through the club, onto the promenade. Then take the trailer to the EAST of the slipway (that’s a left turn, towards Portsmouth). The area in front of the club fence and the top of the beach opposite is for boat and trailer storage and rigging. It will be possible to launch straight down the beach from there, or bring the boat to the slipway for launching.

Please keep the promenade clear at all times and also the area directly in front of the club gate, to the west of the slipway clear. This will allow access for club members and also rescue boats etc.

The map below shows these areas more clearly!

Don’t forget there will not be a normal briefing! The SI’s and NOR are on the website, so it will be important to read them.

Keep an eye out on the day for any changes to the SI’s which will be posted as per RRS if necessary.

We may post a recorded briefing on the event page

See you all on the water for a mid-day start on Saturday!