Wednesday Night Racing is back!

The Sailing committee are pleased to announce that Wednesday night racing will resume from the 29th of July with our usual 7pm start. The forecast looks to be a perfect summer evening.

The Bar & Galley will be open – see the COVID protocols on our website here.

A quick reminder of the racing guidelines are below:

  1. The changing rooms remain closed
  2.  Sign-on for racing will be done verbally with the safety officer
  3.  We recommend all sailors wear or carry some form of face covering that can easily be put on
  4. Please allow plenty of time before the race to help us avoid congestion on the beach
  5. When both launching and recovering you may be asked to wait by the safety officer / patrol boat crew for this reason
  6. Be conservative with your decision to race.  If you feel conditions may be near your limit we would advise saving it for another day.
  7. While afloat be alert to how conditions are changing.  Capsizing can happen to us all, but also can increase your fatigue.

See you tomorrow!