Visiting members

The success and depth in classes such as the Laser, Moth and Skiff plus the atmosphere created by cadets, the racing, the bar and galley attract non-members who need to be signed in as a guest or guided with how to pay.

We are a members’ club where our fees and volunteer time make it run, tick and buzz. Without these two vital ingredients there wouldn’t be much for guests and non-members to enjoy!

Guest sign in sheets can be found in the entrance to the clubhouse and on the table on the landing. ?** We no longer have a track and trace so there is no need to sign in when you enter the club room! ??If you need to backdate any guests you invited to the club please do so within the next week when you are at the club or email Deb at and she will add their names to the sheet. ?

We welcome guests and simply ask that they are signed in. All members are allowed to bring a guest 7 times a year and no more than 3 times in one month. As a member you can also encourage them to join our fantastic community in the perfect location. ?

The sign in sheets ask for the date, your name, their name and the facilities they use, e.g. racing, sailing, bar, galley.

Thank you so much for your help in supporting the club, it’s members and future members! ?#lovewherewesail