Friday Fun Time Trial!

We don’t just sail, come and join in the bike race!



General Instructions To Follow

  1. Participation is at your own risk & road traffic law is to be obeyed at all times.
  2. Helmets are mandatory.
  3. There are no traffic lights on the course, but there are junctions & roundabouts where you may have to give way.
  4. It is good practice to use rear/front lights to increase your visibility.
  5. You are welcome to use either the cycle lanes or the road. Faster rides (28mph and above) should probably stick to the road and avoid the shared cycle lanes.
  6. No drafting allowed – if a faster rider catches you, you’ll naturally start to draft them, so ease off until they’re 20M ahead of you.
  7. Riders will be set off at intervals of 1 minute, please line up in good time for your start in the correct order.
  8. The course is 2 laps, so make sure you watch out for riders starting their second lap when turning left out of the sailing club.
  9. Shout your start number to the timekeeper as you cross the finish line to help with the results. We all look the same in bike kit!
  10. Ride safely and have fun!