Changing rooms reopen

From Wednesday 26th May the club changing rooms will be re-opened in line with RYA and Government guidance. To mitigate COVID risks the following measures will be in place:

Changing roomOccupancyShowers
Male8Only 2 allowed at one time with one on each side.
Female5All showers can be used.
Changing room occupancy

Procedure for using the changing room:

  1. Wear your mask into the club
  2. As you get to your changing room entrance look at the in/out board to see if there is availability.
  3. If there is availability slide the tab to show that you are ‘in’.
  4. Enter the changing room and find a socially distanced space to change.
  5. Change (and shower) quickly.
  6. When you leave the changing room, slide the tab to show that you are ‘out’.
  7. Take your bag with you and place it in your car or berth.

If you leave the changing room and notice that someone has forgotten to reset their tab then please correct the board to show the correct availability.

Quick rules

  1. Change the tab as you enter and exit.
  2. Keep time inside as a minimum.
  3. Socially distance whilst in the changing room.
  4. Take all belongings and bags back to your car or berth.

All windows and adjustable ventilation grilles that can be opened must remain open at all times.

Changing rooms are areas of increased risks so where possible you should shower and change at home.