AGM Sunday 29th November @ 3.00pm

AGM – Sunday 29th November @ 3pm

Due to the current Government guidelines which restrict the mass gathering of people, the Management Committee have had to make changes to the location and format of the AGM. We are going to organise the AGM in the following manner:

  1. It will be hosted in the club room with a skeleton of the Management Committee present.
  2. It will be hosted on Zoom.
  3. There will be seats in the club room for a few members who do not have access to the internet or Zoom at home. This will be subject to the current Government COVID guidance.
  4. The Commodore’s report, Treasurer’s report and accounts will be emailed to members on the mailing list prior to the AGM. They will also be posted in the members Facebook group, displayed on a noticeboard downstairs in the clubhouse and shared on Zoom at the AGM.
  5. Proposals will be welcomed within a set time period before the AGM. There will be a cut off date and no new proposals will be heard during the AGM. The time period will be published in due course.
  6. An agenda with the proposals will be sent around before the AGM.
  7. We will vote using the polling function in Zoom and counting hands in the club room. This will take a little longer than normal.
  8. We will be managing discussion very carefully to ensure that members can be heard if they have something to say. This will take longer than normal and be more formal than normal due to the fact that you cannot talk over people on Zoom as you can in person.

Our Zoom package is limited to 100 so we will be asking members to let us know if they are planning to join the AGM. We will do this through a poll on our members Facebook group and invite you to email Debbie if you are not in the group.

In a few weeks we will invite you to submit proposals and ask you to register your online attendance. If you are a voting member and would like to book a seat in the clubroom please email Debbie at It is first come first served and we apologise for a limited number of seats but hope you understand.

The Management and Sailing Committee have worked hard for the members this year and we are very lucky to be one of the sports that could resume a high volume of activity. We are also proud of our online activities for members during lockdown and the level to which we have opened up the club, facilities and services since Wednesday 13th May when sailing was allowed. The club has had a fantastic atmosphere and absorbed a lot of activity this year. We thank the committee for their work with the clubhouse, sailing, racing, compound, galley, bar, membership, marketing, socials, accounting, and above all, making sure that we are as COVID compliant as possible in the frequently changing world of Government guidance.

Grace Clark, Commodore